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Hiring Committee Aug 25 - 1:00 PM View To Be Posted
Hiring Committee Aug 24 - 9:00 AM View To Be Posted
Hiring Committee Aug 13 - 8:45 AM View To Be Posted
City Council Aug 11 - 2:00 PM View To Be Posted
Finance and Administration Committee Aug 11 - 10:45 AM View To Be Posted
Audit Committee Aug 11 - 9:30 AM View To Be Posted
Community Services Committee Aug 10 - 10:45 AM View To Be Posted
Operations Committee Aug 10 - 9:00 AM View To Be Posted
Planning Committee Aug 10 - 2:00 PM View To Be Posted
Hiring Committee Aug 4 - 2:00 PM View To Be Posted
Hiring Committee Jul 27 - 9:00 AM View View
Special City Council Jul 9 - 5:00 PM View View
Hiring Committee Jul 8 - 10:00 AM View View
City Council Jul 7 - 2:00 PM View View

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Ad Hoc Tree By-law Review Committee
Audit Committee
Budget Review Ad-Hoc Committee
City Council
Community Services Committee
Election Compliance Audit Committee
Finance and Administration Committee
Finance Committee
Hearing Committee
Hiring Committee
Nominating Committee
Operations Committee
Planning Committee
Policy Committee
Priorities Committee
Property Standards Appeal Committee
Public Input and Information Session
Special City Council
Street Naming Committee
Traffic Committee
Transit Committee
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Pending Applications

The following applications have been submitted to the City of Greater Sudbury for approval and are deemed to be complete applications in accordance with the requirements of The Planning Act. These applications are being processed by staff of the Planning Services Division, and will be scheduled for Public Hearings at a future Planning Committee meeting.

Applications will remain listed until they have been dealt with by the Planning Committee.

Submit an application.

Planning Committee
Christine Proulx (Belanger Street, Azilda) Jul 29 View
Sitiri Investments Ltd. (Louisa Drive, Sudbury) Aug 7 View
Skead Heritage Homes Inc. (Bonhomme Road, Skead) May 8 View
Michel Charbonneau (1059 Radar Road, Hanmer) Aug 7 View
1208627 Ontario Ltd. (Rathbun Township) Mar 19 View
Brian Savage (Lammi's Road, Sudbury) Apr 23 View
Dalron Construction Limited (Second Avenue, Sudbury) Feb 18 View
PowerTel Utilities Contractors Limited (150 Regional Road 10, Whitefish) Mar 12 View
Daniel & Tiija Luttrell (15 Douglas Crescent, Dowling) May 8 View
Walter Hirvi (280 McFarlane Lake Road, Sudbury) May 7 View
Skead Heritage Homes Inc. (Bell Street and Bonhomme Road, Skead) May 8 View
Delcam Development Corp (Grenoble Court, Sudbury) Jan 19 View
Roland Carpenter (1032, 1036, 1040, 1044, 1048, 1052, 1056 & 1060 Howey Drive, Sudbury) May 13 View
Nickel District Conservation Authority (1930 Maley Drive, Garson) May 4 View
Dalron Construction Limited (Remington Road, Sudbury) May 26 View
Martti & Aira Lindroos (2231 Long Lake Road, Sudbury) May 15 View
Michelle Bastien (3123 Highway 144, Chelmsford) May 28 View
Denis Laurin Jr. & Melanie Beaudoin (148 Burma Road, Onaping) Dec 30 View
Toffoli & Son Limited (Agent: J.L. Richards & Associates) (1545 & 1557 Regent Street, Sudbury) Jun 11 View
Patrick Hamilton (206 Bridge Street, Chelmsford) Jun 29 View
CSH Meadowbrook Inc. (18 Jacobson Drive, Lively) Jun 29 View
1558782 Ontario Inc. (National Street and Bala Drive, Garson) Jun 19 View
Devla Properties Inc. (Highway 69 North, Hanmer) Jul 7 View
795672 Ontario Limited (1965 Lasalle Blvd., Sudbury) Jul 6 View
City of Greater Sudbury (Elm Street, Coniston) Jun 8 View
Albona Investments Inc. (Falconbridge Highway, Garson) Jul 6 View
City of Greater Sudbury (Candlewood Park, Lively) Apr 12 View
Kathy & Mark Palkovits (MacLachlan Street, Sudbury) Jan 9 View
Reginald and Norma Barnes (Starlight Street, Sudbury) Oct 30 View
Dalron Construction Ltd. (Nova Drive, Sudbury) Aug 9 View
795647 Ontario Inc (2555 Maley Drive, Sudbury) Feb 14 View

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