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Special City Council Apr 26 - 4:00 PM View To Be Posted
City Council Apr 25 - 6:00 PM View To Be Posted
Planning Committee Apr 24 - 5:30 PM View To Be Posted
Finance and Administration Committee Apr 12 - 4:00 PM View To Be Posted
City Council Apr 11 - 6:00 PM View To Be Posted
Planning Committee Apr 10 - 5:30 PM View To Be Posted
Hearing Committee Apr 5 - 4:00 PM View To Be Posted
Operations Committee Apr 3 - 4:00 PM View View
Community Services Committee Apr 3 - 6:00 PM View To Be Posted
Finance and Administration Committee Mar 28 - 4:00 PM View To Be Posted
Special City Council Mar 21 - 4:00 PM View View
Planning Committee Mar 20 - 5:30 PM View To Be Posted

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Finance Committee
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Pending Applications

The following applications have been submitted to the City of Greater Sudbury for approval and are deemed to be complete applications in accordance with the requirements of The Planning Act. These applications are being processed by staff of the Planning Services Division, and will be scheduled for Public Hearings at a future Planning Committee meeting.

Applications will remain listed until they have been dealt with by the Planning Committee.

Submit an application.

Planning Committee
Michael Leblanc (Gravel Drive, Hanmer) Feb 4 View
Solelim Holdings Inc. (Tilton Lake Road, Sudbury) Nov 29 View
James Muir, Charity Muir and Sean Goodwin (370 - 405 Fire Road 3, Val Caron) Dec 8 View
J. Corsi Developments Inc. (Corsi Hill, Sudbury) Nov 25 View
676570 Ontario Ltd. (98 Edmund Street, Sudbury) Dec 29 View
2551984 Ontario Inc. (1749 Lasalle Blvd., Sudbury) Dec 23 View
Carpenter Investments Ltd. (South Lane Road, Sudbury) Dec 28 View
Andre Desmarais (154 Church Street, Garson) Jan 25 View
Gerry & Madeleine Dignard (102 Hill Street, Wahnapitae) Jan 9 View
City of Greater Sudbury, Agent 2228593 Ontario Limited (5 Westview Crescent, Lively) Jan 23 View
City of Greater Sudbury (Part of Unopened St. Michael Street, Sudbury) Jan 30 View
Lawrence & Paulette Belleville (1325 Bellevue Avenue, Sudbury) Feb 1 View
Phu Nguyen (1755 Lasalle Boulevard, Sudbury) Feb 9 View
Dalron Construction Limited (Sugarbush Drive, Lively) Jan 27 View
City of Greater Sudbury (Agent: Dave Bolan) (1921 Skead Road, Garson) Feb 22 View
Michael Banks (Agent: Lynn Banks) (944 Radar Road, Hanmer) Feb 15 View
City of Greater Sudbury & HLS Hard-Line Solutions Inc. (53, 61, 65 & 79 Main Street, Dowling Mar 1 View
Vale Canada Ltd. (Agent: Dalron Construction Ltd.) Feb 16 View
1679592 Ontario Inc. (761 & 771 Lasalle Blvd., Sudbury) Mar 16 View
Boivin Holdings Inc. (352 Mountain Street, Sudbury) Mar 7 View
T.J. Herault (1197 Howey Drive, Sudbury) Mar 9 View
Paul Stewart (1362 South Shore Road, Sudbury) Apr 7 View