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Application Form

James Muir, Charity Muir and Sean Goodwin (370 - 405 Fire Road 3, Val Caron)

Presented To: Planning Committee
Received: 8 Dec 2016
File Number: 751-7/16-9 & 701-7/16-8

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Supporting Documents
1. 751-7-16-009 location sketch pdf

James Muir, Charity Muir and Sean Goodwin Location:

PINs 73502-0197, 73502-0601, 73502-0602 & 73502-0607, Parcels 9123, 15847, 15429 & 13567 S.E.S., in Lot 5, Concession 5, Township of Blezard (370-405 Fire Road 3, Val Caron)


1. To amend the City of Greater Sudbury Official Plan to provide a site-specific exception from the policies of Section 21.3.3 of the Official Plan concerning Area-Specific Policies for Whitson Lake. 2. To amend By law 2010-100Z being the City of Greater Sudbury Zoning By-law from "RS", Rural Shoreline to "RS(S)", Rural Shoreline Special.


Applications for Official Plan Amendment and rezoning in order to reconfigure the boundaries of three (3) existing seasonal residential waterfront lots into four (4) waterfront lots with no public road frontage for permanent residential use within the Whitson Lake policy area.