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Application Form

Alice Bom (72 McNaughton Street, Sudbury)

Presented To: Planning Committee
Received: Jun 22, 2017
File Number: 751-6/17-14

Supporting Documents
1. 751-6-17-014 location sketch pdf

Alice Bom Location:

PIN 73584-0596, Part of Lots 373, 374, and 375, Plan 31-S, Lot 5, Concession 3, Township of McKim (72 McNaughton Street, Sudbury)


To amend By-law 2010-100Z being the Zoning By law for the City of Greater Sudbury by changing the zoning classification of the subject lands from "R1-5", Low Density Residential One to “R2-2(S)”, Low Density Residential Two Special to permit the existing three unit multiple dwelling.


The application proposes rezone the property to permit three (3) dwelling units and to permit three (3) parking spaces where five (5) are required.