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Application Form

Tamara Butera (1306 Nesbitt Drive, Sudbury)

Presented To: Planning Committee
Received: 28 Feb 2018
File Number: 751-6/18-7

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Supporting Documents
1. 751-6-18-007 location sketch pdf

Tamara Butera Location:

Part of PIN 73596-0678, Lot 75, Plan M-264, in Lot 7, Concession 1, McKim Township (1306 Nesbitt Drive)


To amend Zoning By-law 2010-100Z to change the zoning from “R1-5”, Low Density Residential to “R3-1”, Medium Density Residential to permit the approximately 390 m2 at the rear of the lot to be transferred and added to the abutting property to the east which is zoned “R3-1”, Medium Density Residential Zone.


The applicant proposes to sever approximately 390m2 of the rear portion of Lot 75, Plan M-264 and add it to the abutting property to the east. The rezoning of the lands was a condition on the consent approval, (file B0098/2017).