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Application Form

Carole Voutier (66 - 68 Eva Street, Garson)

Presented To: Planning Committee
Received: 30 May 2018
File Number: 751-3/18-2

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Supporting Documents
1. 751-3-18-002 location sketch pdf

Carole Voutier Location:

PIN 73494-0471, Parcel 28950 S.E.S., Part of Lots 21 & 22, Plan M-195 in Lot 6, Concession 1, Township of Garson (66-68 Eva Street, Garson)


To amend By-law 2010-100Z being the City of Greater Sudbury Zoning By-law from "R2-2", Low Density Residential Two to “R2-2(S)”, Low Density Residential Two Special.


Application for rezoning in order to permit a triplex dwelling by recognizing an existing third unit. Site-specific relief is required for parking in the rear yard.