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Application Form

676570 Ontario Ltd. (98 Edmund Street, Sudbury)

Presented To: Planning Committee
Received: Dec 29, 2016
File Number: 751-6/16-29

Supporting Documents
1. 751-6-16-029 location sketch pdf

676570 Ontario Ltd. Location:

PIN 73584-0422, Lots 190-192, Plan 26S, Lot 5, Concession 3, Township of McKim (98 Edmund Street, Sudbury)


To amend By-law 2010-100Z being the Zoning By-law for the City of Greater Sudbury by changing the zoning classification of the subject lands from “R2-2”, Low Density Residential Two to “R2-2(S)”, Low Density Residential Special.


The application is intended to permit an animal shelter, art gallery, audio/visual studio, automotive accessories store, bake shop, bulk retail outlet, business office, car wash, commercial or public garage, commercial school, commercial self-storage facility, convenience store, custom print or copy shop, day care centre, food processing plant, institutional use, medical office, office, parking lot, personal service shop, pet grooming establishment, pharmacy, private club, professional office, commercial recreation centre, rental store, restaurant, retail store, scientific or medical laboratory, service shop, service trade, tavern and veterinary clinic as permitted uses within the existing building located on the subject lands.