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Application Form

Nicholas and Melissa Alkhoury (164 & 170 Birch Street, Garson)

Presented To: Planning Committee
Received: Apr 3, 2018
File Number: 751-3/18-1 & 701-3/18-2

Supporting Documents
1. 751-3-18-001 location sketch pdf

Nicholas and Melissa Alkhoury Location:

PIN 73495-0352 and PIN 73495-0296, formerly Parcels 4555 SES and 5906 SES, Lot 12, Plan M-50, Lot 5, Concession 2, Township of Garson, (164 and 170 Birch Street, Garson)


1. To amend the Official Plan to permit a maximum residential density of 91 units per hectare in the Town Centre designation whereas the Official Plan only permits a maximum residential density of 60 units per hectare.

2. To provide exceptions to the “C2”, General Commercial Zone standards to increase the permitted residential density, along with exceptions to the required lot frontage, lot area, front yard setbacks and parking requirements.


The applicant is proposing to sever the property as part of a related consent file B0071/2017, and to construct a four unit multiple dwelling on the northerly portion of the property.