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Status Report on Previous Audits

Presented To: Audit Committee
Presented: Tuesday, Jul 12, 2016
Report Date: Friday, Jun 24, 2016
Type: Managers' Reports

Signed By

Report Prepared By
Ron Foster
Auditor General
Digitally Signed Jun 24, 16

Division Review
Ron Foster
Auditor General
Digitally Signed Jun 24, 16

Recommended by the Department
Ron Foster
Auditor General
Digitally Signed Jun 24, 16

Auditor General
Ron Foster
Auditor General
Digitally Signed Jun 24, 16


THAT the City of Greater Sudbury receives the report dated June 24, 2016 from the Auditor General's Office showing the status of previous audit recommendations and management’s action plans.


The Auditor General's Office maintains an ongoing follow up process which consolidates management's self-assessments of the status of their action plans to address audit observations. Annual reports are provided to Council with the aim of documenting the actions taken to date and anticipated dates for completion.  

The self-assessment reports are not evaluations provided by the Auditor General’s Office and provide no assurance to Council.  Instead, the self- assessments provided in the "Actions taken, results and /or actions planned" section are in management's own words and are unedited. The Auditor General’s Office reserves its authority to conduct progress audits to independently validate the progress made in addressing audit observations and recommendations.

Self-Assessment Follow Up Report Compiled by Auditor General’s Office

The appendices attached to this report contain detailed self-assessment reports for the following audit reports:

·         Roads - Miscellaneous Winter Maintenance

·         Accounts Payable

·         Conventional Transit

·         Roads – Impact Of Changes To Road Design

·         User Fees – Sports Fields

·         Transit and Community Arena Advertising Agreement

·         Environmental Service Waste Collection Contract

·         Building Services, Building Permits & Committee of Adjustment

·         Freedom of Information