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Capreol 2018 CIP Phase One Funding Sources

Presented To: City Council
Presented: Tuesday, Aug 22, 2017
Report Date: Tuesday, Aug 08, 2017
Type: Managers' Reports

Signed By

Report Prepared By
Kris Longston
Manager of Community and Strategic Planning
Digitally Signed Aug 8, 17

Division Review
Jason Ferrigan
Director of Planning Services
Digitally Signed Aug 8, 17

Financial Implications
Apryl Lukezic
Co-ordinator of Budgets
Digitally Signed Aug 8, 17

Recommended by the Department
Tony Cecutti
General Manager of Growth and Infrastructure
Digitally Signed Aug 8, 17

Recommended by the C.A.O.
Ed Archer
Chief Administrative Officer
Digitally Signed Aug 9, 17


THAT the City of Greater Sudbury directs staff to proceed with construction of Phase One of the Capreol 2018 CIP including the options identified in the report from the General Manager of Growth and Infrastructure entitled “Capreol 2018 CIP Phase One Funding Sources” dated August 8th, 2017, and any associated land acquisition, with completion of the infrastructure components by no later than the end of June 2018;

AND THAT staff be authorized to issue a Change Order for Contract ENG17-32 Pavement Rehabilitation Various Locations for Phase One of the Capreol 2018 CIP;

AND FURTHER THAT the costs for Phase One of the Capreol 2018 CIP be funded from the sources identified in the report including $425,500 from the Local Roads Section of the 2018 Capital Budget and $240,000 from the Leisure 2018 Capital Budget;

AND FURTHER THAT other funding from reallocation of completed and/or cancelled projects be used toward Phase One of the Capreol 2018 CIP as identified in the report.

Relationship to the Strategic Plan / Health Impact Assessment

This recommendation is consistent with Council's Strategic Plan.  Specifically, priority B under the Quality of Life and Place pillar directs the City to "Maintain great public spaces and facilities to provide opportunities for everyone to enjoy”.  Additionally, priority D under the Sustainable Infrastructure pillar directs the City to “Provide quality multimodal transportation alternatives for roads, transit, trails, paths and sidewalks and connect neighbourhoods and communities within Greater Sudbury”

Report Summary

The Capreol 2018 Community Improvement Plan (CIP) was adopted by Council in the fall of 2015. Phase One of the CIP calls for recreational, accessibility and infrastructure improvements to the downtown Capreol waterfront. Phase One also includes repairs to existing road and sewer infrastructure along Lakeshore and King Streets. Per Council's June 13th, 2017 resolution, Staff have identified potential funding sources for Phase One of the Capreol 2018 CIP. Staff have also identified possible options to defer elements of Phase One to lower the initial cost and shorten the timelines of the project while still realizing the intended public realm improvements of the Capreol 2018 CIP by June of 2018.

Financial Implications

If approved, funding for Capreol 2018 CIP Phase One would come from existing and reallocated capital funds of $162,500 from Leisure Services, $353,000 from Corporate Services, $150,000 from Wastewater and $460,000 from Roads.  In addition, funds from the 2018 Capital Budget would be committed for this project consisting of $240,000 from Leisure Services and $425,500 from Roads.  Therefore, the total funding sources identified are $1,791,000.

Supporting Documents
1. Capreol 2018 CIP Funding Report (pdf)