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Synergy Centre Project Update

Presented To: Special City Council
Presented: Wednesday, Jun 28, 2017
Report Date: Tuesday, Jun 13, 2017
Type: Presentations

Signed By

Financial Implications
Ed Stankiewicz
Executive Director of Finance, Assets and Fleet
Digitally Signed Jun 13, 17

Recommended by the Department
Ian Wood
Director of Economic Development
Digitally Signed Jun 13, 17

Recommended by the C.A.O.
Ed Archer
Chief Administrative Officer
Digitally Signed Jun 14, 17


THAT the City of Greater Sudbury approves the Synergy Project concept as outlined in the consultant’s report, Strategic Business Plan for the Greater Sudbury Synergy Centre, dated June 1, 2017, for the development of a multi-purpose conference and performing arts venue with a gross floor area of 60,500 square feet;

AND THAT the City of Greater Sudbury directs staff to work with the Greater Sudbury Synergy Centre Committee to undertake a site evaluation and selection process. Staff shall coordinate this work with the site selection process associated with the Library/Art Gallery project and shall ensure that all relevant options are examined, including the potential for shared site development. The results of this process will be reported back to Council by December 31, 2017;

AND THAT the City of Greater Sudbury directs staff to work with the Greater Sudbury Synergy Centre Committee to secure the services of a consultant to finalize a detailed business plan, operational model, conceptual design and financial plan for the proposed centre. The recommendations arising from this work will be reported to Council by June 30, 2018;

AND THAT the City of Greater Sudbury Council approves a one-time allocation of $187,500 from the Tax Rate Stabilization Reserve to fund the costs of the above activities.

Relationship to the Strategic Plan / Health Impact Assessment

This report refers to the Large Projects as identified in the Growth and Economic Development Pillar in Council's Strategic Plan, Greater Together. This project also address the goals identified under the Quality of Life and Place Pillar in the same document.

Report Summary

The Greater Sudbury Synergy Centre (GSSC) is proposing to be the largest, most state-of-the-art, flexible and economically efficient, public meeting and performance facility in Northern Ontario.  It will be primarily focused on the attraction of larger scale meeting and convention business that is not currently being hosted in Sudbury. The secondary focus of providing a larger scale arts and cultural live performance community auditorium gives the venue a unique positioning in the market. The multi-purpose flexibility of the Centre will help in its objective to achieve a higher number of event days and revenue streams to lessen its dependency on municipal subsidies. 

Benefits of the Project:

* Will be the largest multi-purpose meeting and conference facility in the North, further solidifying Sudbury’s position as a regional capital city

* Creates a significant new demand generator for the community, proposing to increase meeting and convention business by 25% over what is currently achieved

* Fills a long acknowledged gap in the community to both host large scale conferences and live performing arts shows not currently available

* Creates new jobs and businesses to support the ongoing facility operations

* Increases flow of new money into the community, most directly through increased tourism visitation and related spending (over $82,000 per conference/convention and over $23,000 per art performance in our community)

* Demonstrates a continued commitment to downtown development and revitalization as outlined in the City’s Downtown Master Plan

This report recommends that Council endorse the Synergy Centre concept and provide funding to further refine the business case, capital costs and design.

Financial Implications

If approved, the costs up to $187,500 will be funded from the Tax Rate Stabilization Reserve.