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For Information Only

Contract Awards Exceeding $50,000 January 1 - March 31, 2018

Presented To: City Council
Presented: Tuesday, Jun 12, 2018
Report Date: Thursday, May 24, 2018
Type: Correspondence for Information Only

Signed By

Report Prepared By
Agnes Beck
Acting Chief Procurement Officer
Digitally Signed May 25, 18

Division Review
Ed Stankiewicz
Executive Director of Finance, Assets and Fleet
Digitally Signed May 25, 18

Financial Implications
Jim Lister
Manager of Financial Planning and Budgeting
Digitally Signed May 25, 18

Recommended by the Department
Kevin Fowke
General Manager of Corporate Services
Digitally Signed May 29, 18

Recommended by the C.A.O.
Ed Archer
Chief Administrative Officer
Digitally Signed May 29, 18


For Information Only

Relationship to the Strategic Plan / Health Impact Assessment

This report refers to operational matters

Report Summary

Contracts Awarded from January 1 - March 31, 2018 During the reporting period there were Fourteen (14) Contract Awards of over $50,000, which includes four (4) Standing Offers.

Bid Solicitations are advertised electronically on the City’s website in the form of either Request for Tender or Request for Proposal. Where a Request for Tender is used, the Award is to the Lowest Compliant Bid. Where a Request for Proposal is used, the Award is to the highest scored Bid based on Best Value defined as the optimal balance of performance and cost determined in accordance with pre-defined evaluation criteria; all in accordance with the Purchasing By-Law.

Financial Implications

Sufficient funding exists within the previous approved budgets. Council approved policies for the Operating and Capital Budgets enable staff to reallocate budget dollars in order to award tenders when the tendered amount exceeds the budgeted amount. The budget amount is an estimate whereas the tendered amount is the actual cost received by the City through a competitive tender process from the marketplace.