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Finance and Administration Committee Minutes of May 15, 2018

Location: Tom Davies Square
Commencement: 6:00 PM
Adjournment: 9:40 PM


Councillor Jakubo, In the Chair

Present Councillors Signoretti, Vagnini [A 6:13 p.m., D 9:36 p.m.] Montpellier [D 9:32 p.m.], Kirwan, Lapierre, Jakubo, Sizer, McIntosh [D 7:26 p.m.], Cormier, Reynolds, Landry-Altmann, Mayor Bigger
City Officials Ed Archer, Chief Administrative Officer; Kevin Fowke, General Manager of Corporate Services; Tony Cecutti, General Manager of Growth and Infrastructure Services; Eric Labelle, City Solicitor and Clerk; Catherine Matheson, General Manager of Community Development;  Ed Stankiewicz, Executive Director of Finance, Assets and Fleet; Ron Foster, Auditor General; Marie Litialien, Manager of Communications and French Services; Melissa Zanette, Chief of Staff; Joseph Nicholls, Interim General Manager of Community Safety; Kristen Newman, Deputy City City Solicitor/Deputy City Clerk; Ian Wood, Director of Economic Development;  Rachel Adriaans, Legislative Compliance Coordinator; Lisa Locken, Clerk's Services Assistant

Declarations of Pecuniary Interests and the general nature thereof

  None declared

Rules of Procedure

Councillor McIntosh moved that the order of the agenda be altered to deal with item R-5 as the first Managers' Report.



Eric Labelle, City Solictior and Clerk