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For Information Only

Status Report on Previous Audit Observations and Action Plans

Presented To: Audit Committee
Presented: Tuesday, Jul 10, 2018
Report Date: Monday, Jun 25, 2018
Type: Correspondence for Information Only

Signed By

Auditor General
Ron Foster
Auditor General
Digitally Signed Jun 25, 18


For Information Only

Relationship to the Strategic Plan / Health Impact Assessment

This report supports responsive, fiscally prudent, open governance.

Report Summary

To support accountability, annual reports are provided to Audit Committee and Council on the status of management's action plans to address audit recommendations.

Approximately 69 percent of management's action plans have been fully completed whereas action plans have been partially implemented for 19 percent.

No substantial action had been taken for 12% of the findings as two audit reports were just completed and endorsed by Council at the end of May.

Another status report will be provided to Audit Committee a year from now.

Financial Implications

No direct financial implications