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Performance Audit of Purchasing Services

Presented To: Audit Committee
Presented: Tuesday, Jul 10, 2018
Report Date: Wednesday, Jun 27, 2018
Type: Managers' Reports

Signed By

Auditor General
Ron Foster
Auditor General
Digitally Signed Jun 27, 18


THAT the City of Greater Sudbury approves the recommendations as outlined in the report entitled "Performance Audit of Purchasing Services" from the Auditor General, presented at the Audit Committee meeting on July 10, 2018.

Relationship to the Strategic Plan / Health Impact Assessment

Completing audits supports responsive, fiscally prudent, open governance.

Report Summary

Significant progress has been made to address the recommendations from our previous audit in 2014. Standing Offers have been established, and multi-year contracts have been recorded to enable purchasing initiatives to be better planned. A more cost effective procurement card program has been established and a customer service model has been adopted to improve service levels within each division.

In spite of these improvements, this audit identified a need for further revisions to purchasing processes to improve value for money. While customers are generally satisfied with the services provided by the Purchasing Section, they are concerned about the timeliness of Tenders, Requests for Proposals, and Requests for Pre-Qualifications as well as the value of these processes. Opportunities were identified to refine the City’s procurement processes to improve their flexibility to allow for negotiation with vendors, more timely procurement and greater participation by bidders.

Financial Implications

No direct implications.