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Application Form

2356268 Ontario Limited, Kaymic Developments (Ontario) Inc., The Trustees of All Nations Church and City of Greater Sudbury

Presented To: Planning Committee
Received: Mar 15, 2018
File Number: 751-6/18-6

Supporting Documents
1. 751-6-18-006 location sketch pdf

2356268 Ontario Limited, Kaymic Developments (Ontario) Inc., The Trustees of All Nations Church and City of Greater Sudbury Location:

PIN 73583-0089(LT), being Parts 1, 2 and 3 Plan 53R-19988; Part of PIN 73583 0017(LT), being parts 7 to 10, Plan 53R-20719, part of Tarneaud Street, Plan 35S; Part of PIN 73583-0076, being parts 3 and 4 Plan 53R-20719, part of St. Michael Street, Plan 35S, St Michel Street Plan 19SB; Part of PIN 73583 0628(LT), being part 8 on Plan 53R-19988, part of St. Gabriel Street, Plan 19SB; PIN 73583 0045(LT) being Part 7 on Plan 53R-19988, Part of Tarneaud Street (Glendower Street), Plan 70S; PIN 73583-0609(LT), being Part 10 on Plan 53R-19988 (Woods Street); PIN 73583-0088(LT), part of Lots 283 to 293, Plan 35S, being parts 1 to 11 and 22 to 44, Plan 53R-16108; Part of PIN 73583 0604(LT), being part of Lot 4, Concession 3, Part of Unopened St. Raphael Street on Plan 19-SB; PIN 73584-0210(LT), being part of Lot 5, Concession 3, Part of PIN 73583-0058(LT), being part of unopened St. Raphael Street on Plan 41-S and Plan 19-SB, Part of PIN 73583-0043(LT), designated as Part 3 on P2 and Part of Lot 118 on Plan 19-SB, Part of PIN 73583-0603(LT), part of a 0.3 m reserve on Plan 19-SB, and PIN 73583-0097(LT) all within the Township of McKim


An application has been received to amend the “R4(5)”, High Density Residential (Special) provisions to reduce the setback from Lourdes Street from 140 metres to approximately 137 metres and to rezone the lands to be acquired from the City and All Nations Church to be added to the development site, from “R2-2”, “R2-3”, Low Density Residential Two and “I”, Institutional to “R4(4)”, High Density Residential (Special). The application also proposes to rezone lands from R4(4) to R4(5) to facilitate a proposed severance and addition of lands to be added to PIN 73583-0089 and a reduction in the minimum lot area per dwelling unit from 65 m2 to 60.7 m2 on the lands zoned R4(4). The application also requests that the number of multiple dwelling units permitted on the lands zoned R4(5) be increased from 800 to 826 units and that an exception be provided to the parking standards to permit 0.54 parking spaces per dwelling unit whereas the By-law requires 1.5 parking spaces per dwelling unit.


The application proposes the development of 826 apartment units in a 17 storey building.