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Application Form

Normand & Ronald Thibert (6040 Highway 69 North, Hanmer)

Presented To: Planning Committee
Received: 29 Oct 2019

Ce rapport est disponible en anglais seulement conformément aux exigences de la Politique sur les services en français de la Ville du Grand Sudbury.
Location: PIN 73503-0484, Parcel 7201, Lot 1, Concession 3, Township of Hanmer (6040 Highway #69 North, Hanmer)


1. To amend By-law 2010-100Z being the Zoning By law for the City of Greater Sudbury by changing the zoning classification on the subject lands from “FD”, Future Development to “FD(S)”, Future Development Special, “R1-5”, Low Density Residential One, “R3”, Medium Density Residential and “RU” Rural; and,

2. To subdivide a portion of the subject lands for the purposes of creating eight single-detached dwelling lots.


The application to rezone the lands would result in four separate zones being applied to the lands. Firstly, to rezone a middle portion of the lands to permit one single-detached dwelling to be constructed on the balance of the lands not contemplated for development at this time (ie. “FD(S)”). Secondly, to rezone a southerly portion of the lands in order to facilitate the development of eight single-detached dwellings to the west of and to be access from St. Isidore Street (ie.”R1-5”). Thirdly, to rezone a further southerly portion of the lands in order to permit medium density residential uses which would be accessed from Highway #69 North (ie. “R3”). And fourthly, to rezone a northerly portion of the land in order to facilitate a lot consolidation with a rural lot to the north which has frontage on Gravel Drive (ie. “RU”). The application to subdivide the lands would facilitate the creation of eight single-detached dwellings and would involve the extension of St. Isidore Street for access purposes.