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Application Form

1679592 Ontario Inc. (761 & 771 Lasalle Blvd., Sudbury)

Presented To: Planning Committee
Received: Oct 27, 2017
File Number: 751-6/17-23

Supporting Documents
1. 751-6-17-023 location sketch pdf

1679592 Ontario Inc. Location:

PIN 02123-0272 & Part of PIN 02123-0273, Parcel 34030 & Part of Parcel 12066, Parts 1 to 3, Plan 53R-16350, Parts 1 & 3, Plan 53R-4474 and Part 1, Plan 53R-6951, Lot 3, Concession 5, Township of McKim (761 & 771 Lasalle Boulevard, Sudbury)


To amend By-law 2010-100Z being the Zoning By law for the City of Greater Sudbury by changing the zoning classification on the northerly portion of the subject lands from “C3(20)”, Limited General Commercial Special and “R3-1”, Medium Density Residential to “C3(S)”, Limited General Commercial Special.


The application would add a personal service shop as a permitted use on the subject lands. There is a previous conditional rezoning approval from Council (File # 751-6/17-6) applicable to the lands which would continue to permit office uses on a portion of the subject lands and facilitate the expansion and development of an adjacent retail store that would be accessory to the existing medical office use. The request for rezoning pertains to adding a further use in the form of a personal service shop to the conditionally approved retail store use.