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Planning Committee Aug 14 - 8:45 AM View To Be Posted
City Council Aug 14 - 3:00 PM View To Be Posted
City Council Jul 10 - 2:30 PM View To Be Posted
Finance and Administration Committee Jul 10 - 10:00 AM View To Be Posted
Audit Committee Jul 10 - 9:00 AM View To Be Posted
Planning Committee Jul 9 - 2:00 PM View View
Operations Committee Jul 9 - 8:30 AM View View
Community Services Committee Jul 9 - 10:45 AM View View
Emergency Services Committee Jun 27 - 4:00 PM View To Be Posted
Hearing Committee Jun 27 - 6:00 PM View To Be Posted
City Council Jun 26 - 6:00 PM View View
Special City Council Jun 26 - 3:00 PM View View
Planning Committee Jun 25 - 5:30 PM View To Be Posted
Audit Committee Jun 19 - 4:00 PM View View
Finance and Administration Committee Jun 19 - 6:00 PM View View

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Pending Applications

The following applications have been submitted to the City of Greater Sudbury for approval and are deemed to be complete applications in accordance with the requirements of The Planning Act. These applications are being processed by staff of the Planning Services Division, and will be scheduled for Public Hearings at a future Planning Committee meeting.

Applications will remain listed until they have been dealt with by the Planning Committee.

Submit an application.

Planning Committee
Michael Leblanc (Gravel Drive, Hanmer) Feb 4 View
Dalron Construction Limited (Sugarbush Drive, Lively) Jan 27 View
François & Lucie Savoie (1193 Main Street, Val Caron) Aug 17 View
Darlene & Nathan Nicholson (15 Kalio Road, Lively) Jun 26 View
Baikinson Land Corp (St. Albert Street and Errington Avenue South, Chelmsford) Oct 11 View
1679592 Ontario Inc. (761 & 771 Lasalle Blvd., Sudbury) Oct 27 View
Ranger Wrecking & Salvage Inc. (265 Bodson Drive, Hanmer) Nov 20 View
Denis Gratton Construction Limited (Agent: Tulloch Engineering) (3160 Hwy 144, Chelmsford) Nov 23 View
Kenneth and Lucille Salo (1431 Fairbank Road, Whitefish) Sep 14 View
René Giroux & Micheline Gervais (2966 McKenzie Road, Chelmsford) Apr 26 View
Amy St. John & Mark Debelak (Balfour Street, Chelmsford) May 2 View
John Headley (105 Service Road, Dowling) May 1 View
Cardinal Hotel Limited (1500 Regent Street, Sudbury) May 23 View
Carole Voutier (66 - 68 Eva Street, Garson) May 30 View
Ile Manage Law Inc. (1744 Pioneer Road, Sudbury) Jun 19 View
1855 Lasalle Blvd Inc. (1833 - 1855 Lasalle Blvd., Sudbury) Jun 22 View
Dennis Jakab (255 Allan Street, Coniston) Jul 18 View
Canadian Group Inc. (Southview Drive, Sudbury) Sep 22 View
Luc Soenens (4292 Municipal Road 15, Chelmsford) Jul 17 View
Ranger Wrecking & Salvage Inc. (265 Bodson Drive, Hanmer) Jun 11 View