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Development Charges Rebate Program

Presented To: City Council
Presented: Tuesday, Jun 12, 2018
Report Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Type: Managers' Reports

Signed By

Report Prepared By
Melissa Riou
Senior Planner
Digitally Signed May 16, 18

Manager Review
Kris Longston
Manager of Community and Strategic Planning
Digitally Signed May 16, 18

Division Review
Jason Ferrigan
Director of Planning Services
Digitally Signed May 16, 18

Financial Implications
Jim Lister
Manager of Financial Planning and Budgeting
Digitally Signed May 25, 18

Recommended by the Department
Tony Cecutti
General Manager of Growth and Infrastructure
Digitally Signed May 26, 18

Recommended by the C.A.O.
Ed Archer
Chief Administrative Officer
Digitally Signed May 29, 18


THAT the City of Greater Sudbury approves the eligibility criteria and delegates administration of the program, as set out in the report entitled "Development Charges Rebate Program" from the General Manager of Growth and Infrastructure, presented at the Council meeting on June 12, 2018.

Relationship to the Strategic Plan / Health Impact Assessment

The City of Greater Sudbury, through Council's Corporate Strategic Plan (2015-2018) is committed to the development of affordable housing, including the consideration of incentives.  The Development Charges Rebate Program will assist Greater Sudbury in promoting a range of housing types, which includes purpose built market rental housing.  This supports population health by maintaing and enhancing a healthy and sustainable community.

Report Summary

The City of Greater Sudbury has been approved to receive total notional funding of $1,183,180 under the Ministry of Housing's Development Charges Rebate Program. This report summarizes the Development Charges Rebate Program, which was established to incentivize purpose built market rental housing. Further, this report requests the approval of eligibility criteria proposed for the program and requests that administration of the program be delegated to staff.

Financial Implications

The Ontario Ministry of Housing Development Charges Rebate Program will not impact the City’s collection of development charges in accordance with existing by-laws. A rebate would be provided to the developer in accordance with terms of the contribution agreements established, utilizing funding provided by the MHO.  There is an increased level of service that would impact Planning, Building, Legal and Finance staff, and any incremental costs can be offset by use of up to 5% of the annual funding allocation for administration costs allowed through the Program.